What we do

ODM Partnerships

We partner with OEMs & EMS companies to fulfil their customised requirements of connectors, contact solutions & precision engineering components. We provide our engineering competency with design capabilities for innovative design and development. Our innovative approach in design and manufacturing deliver higher ROI with lower resource requirement, while maintaining the highest qualities.

Resources to develop tailor-made products and solutions.

Flexibility in designing the technical features

Reliability in planning based upon absolute delivery reliability

Time savings, strict quality criteria

Very good price-performance ratio

Custom Connectors

We customize the connectivity solutions that match with customer’s speed requirements, updated with processor and chipset band width, smaller in size and lesser in density to make the end product more compact and light. We conduct the required mechanical, electrical and environmental tests and ensure the compliances of EIA & MIL standards.

The individually customised TIEA’s solutions are used across industries

Matches with unique requirements, electrical specifications, shape, material, application, and operating environment

Ensure stable current flow, especially for special applications with unique specifications

Compact designs with durable materials to withstand high currents and provide stable energisation

Integrated with MIL & EIA standards and work absolutely reliably

Harsh Environment Connectors

From automotive to aerospace and defense, extreme applications demand dependable high performance equipment. TIEA develops connectors and contact solutions that are ideal for use in water, on land, or in the air. Lightweight, compact, easy to deploy and maintain in the field, TIEA’s solutions are rugged and reliable, with high shock and vibration resistance

Designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions

Lightweight, compact size helps minimize equipment size and weight

Waterproof sealing to IP68/69

Excellent 360° EMC shielding

High shock and vibration resistance

Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping

TIEA offers services from Product Development to 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering. Hybrid modelling is done on the complex precision engineering components. Conceptualise ideas, create excellent designs, and develop products with our experienced team.

Integration of 3D printing technology and soft tooling

Produces prototypes and functional parts faster and at a low cost from a wide range of thermoplastic materials and sheet metals

Ensures to deliver high precision and smooth surface finish for thermoplastics as well as for sheet metal

Precision Engineering Components (Plastics & Metals)

Easy customisation

Miniature high precision components

Single source of engineering support

Custom sizes, finishes and materials

Knowledge of about EIA & MIL standards